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Kira Martin Wedding Films

Wedding Videography Package

Kira Martin Wedding Films is the perfect addition to remember and treasure every moment of your wedding day! Full wedding day coverage ensures beautiful shots of bridal party getting ready, ceremony, family photos, dinner, and reception, just to name a few! Each film is uniquely crafted to encompass & reflect the wedding couple for who they are! You will receive a 7-9 minute video filled with beautiful videography and impressive drone shots to show all the details of your wedding day. Your personalized video is sure to capture timeless memories for you to relive your wedding day over and over again!


Head Videographer

Kira Martin

Kira has been capturing moments through video since she was about 10 years old. She started making videos of family vacations, her siblings, and her friends. As she got older she continued creating highlight videos for her family and then her businesses. This love of videography and capturing memories for others to relive later has always been a passion. When she and her parents, Jim and Shannon started LaBelle Lake in 2017 she began to get more into the wedding industry and fell in love! What a beautiful and magical day to capture and relive forever! Because of her passion and editing skills Kira’s videos are always so fun to watch! She has an upbeat style and way of really bringing out the best in those she is recording! Her videos are sure to capture the beauty and love from your wedding day!

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