Floating the Rivers of Idaho

By Afton Owen

Out of all the wonderful adventures you can have while enjoying a summer in Idaho, one of those summer adventures you can have is floating the beautiful rivers, all in close proximity to where Labelle Lake is located. While you float the rivers, you will be submerged in Idaho Scenery. All you need is a floatation device, and you are good as gold. Floating the rivers in Idaho is one of my most cherished memories as a child, so here are some of my top 3 favorite places in Eastern Idaho that I have floated and taken the day to relax at!

Warm River, Ashton Idaho

Near the well-known Mesa Falls, Warm River is a fun camping site where there is a great spot to float the river with your family. A 40-minute drive from Labelle Lake, you can pick huckleberries and go fishing, alongside with floating the river. Don’t get tricked by the name though- the river is only called Warm River due to it never freezing during the Idaho Winters. I have been going there for years and love it!

Warm Slough, outskirts of Rexburg Idaho

20 minutes away from Labelle Lake, don’t be surprised to find some college and high school students floating at this site. Off the Henry Fork river this is a very slow and relaxing float that everyone loves. Some nice benefits is that it is near town and there is a free campsite as well if you are desiring to camp there as well.

Big Springs, Island Park Idaho

Starting with an hour drive from Labelle Lake, and then roughly a 3-hour float, this river is a beginner friendly. Lots of wildlife will be seen while on this float. You can either bus to the very top or drive yourself up to begin this fun float. At the end of the float you get out right to where Macks Inn is and you are near to famous Yellowstone Park!