Meet the animals of Labelle Lake!

By Afton Owen

Whether you are having a fun family reunion or attending a wedding here at Labelle Lake, you will definitely find yourself encountering some of the animals that surround this venue. Some people first realize that there are different animals around Labelle Lake based off of seeing an animal feeder that has food you can give to the animals- and it’s true you really can feed the animals! However, did you know that all these animals have names? With a few pictures, meet the animals of Labelle Lake!

Ford and Nixon, the Goats

These cute little guys have been around Labelle Lake for roughly a year and a half. They add a very fun addition in every event that happens. Don’t be surprised if you see them accidently escaping and wanting to join in on the fun! Don’t worry though, they are completely harmless

Photo Credit: Val Judy Photography

Cocoa and Indy, the Llamas

Who doesn’t love llamas? Who doesn’t love them especially for wedding pictures? Cocoa and Indy have been a part of Labelle Lake for a long time. Indy was born here about 12 years ago and Cocoa joined in 8 years ago. They are near the back side of the house, but they are worthwhile to go take a look at while are you are here.

Photo Credit goes to Michelle Flemming

The Sturgeons

Did you know that sturgeons live up to being 100 years old? For the two that live at Labelle Lake, they are about 16 years old. They will most definitely be here for some time. If you can be near to where they are in the water, you can try to touch them! It will feel like you’re petting dolphins. These two sturgeons are currently nameless, so if you have any ideas for names, let us know! Some names that have been played around with is Jaws, Storm and Thunder, etc. Give us your ideas!

The Ducks

With the names of Chocolate, Vanilla, Oreo, Chip and Drake, it’s up to you to figure out which duck is which! That shouldn’t be too hard to figure out though, because all of the ducks love to get in on the action with any event that is happening. Out of all the animals, these will be the ones that you will get to meet.

There is a new addition to the duck clan, a big white duck (not pictured) who is also currently nameless! If you have any ideas for a name for the new white duck, let us know!

Second Picture photo credit goes to Katilin Jae Photos

If you look hard enough, you will be able to also see a harmless raccoon around names Mieko! There are also fish and frogs in the little lakes in front of the cabin. In the wintertime, see if you can spot some moose as well!

Let us know which animals are your favorite!