Playmill Theatre

By Afton Owen

If you love small town theatre, with as much talent as a Broadway show, the Playmill Theatre is the perfect place for you. The Playmill Theatre is another one of Yellowstone’s most visited entertainment places outside Yellowstone National Park, in a little town called West Yellowstone in Montana, near one of the entrances to the park.

Ever since the year 1964, the Playmill has been entertaining audiences by being a very interactive audience from the second you enter the theatre to the minute you leave your seats. With 3 different owners since 1964, Roger and Heidi Merrill now keep the theatre running.

You first notice that this theatre is unique by pulling up to see a windmill on top of the building- which is a very iconic look for Playmill. A cast member will take you to your seat. You will be shocked to see how small the theatre is, it is a black box theatre which means it is intended to be small to have more interaction as you surround the stage. All the cast members will then do a fun pre-show, to then be very energetic in the performances that they are doing. On top of that- they help out during intermission selling Heidi's famous fudge and other goodies. They then continue to perform the second act of the show, having you leave the theatre feeling very happy and fulfilled with the musical or play you just saw.

Now a little fun fact about these actors, they do a show with that much energy every day, and on Saturday’s they do three shows in one day! All from May to September. That takes lots of commitment and talent to be able to pull that off.

Although this year’s shows ended on Labor Day, it is never too late to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see what shows will be coming out next year! It is an experience I have personally gone and seen ever since my childhood. You will never regret a show at the Playmill Theatre!

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