Top 5 Things to Consider When Looking for Your Venue

By Megan C.

Choosing a venue can be intimidating. There are so many different types and styles of venues. There are also a lot of things to consider when choosing a location for your event. However, there are five key questions you should ask yourself: How will it enhance your and your guest’s experience? Will it fit in your budget? What services and amenities are offered? How much parking is available? Will the event be outdoor, indoor, or both? Answering these questions before you tackle anything else related to your event can save you a lot of headache. These questions give you an idea of what kind of venue you are really looking for.

1) How will it enhance your and your guest’s experience?

One of the most important questions you could ask yourself is how will the events location enhance the experience? Celebrations and events all have the main goal of creating an experience that will last in the attendee’s memories, hopefully, for the rest of their life. So, when choosing a location, you want to either choose one that already is so awe inspiring that all you have to do is show up (like Labelle Lake), or you have to be willing to transform the location into something more than it already is (like your high school gym during prom).

2) Will it fit in your budget?

The next question you should ask yourself is just as equally important as the first: will the venue fit in your budget? Often times this is a deal or no deal question. If you feel like the venue is the most important part of your event (which it often is for most people), you should consider building your budget around the venue. It will most-likely end up being the most expensive part of your event, aside from maybe an event planner.

3) What services and amenities are offered?

You should always consider what the venue has to offer you. Always ask a venue about everything they have to offer, somethings may surprise you. For instance, here at LaBelle Lake we offer tomahawk throwing instruction. It’s always a hit with the men who come to our events. However, not everyone would think about adding that to their event. Never be afraid to ask your venue questions, they will always be happy to tell you all about their location.

4) How much parking is available?

Parking is huge. Obviously there has to be enough parking for all of your guests to attend, but have you ever considered how the parking needs to be organized? Many event venues offer to help direct guests to parking areas. This is because if there isn’t any order, it can become a nightmare. Which of course can ruin the experience for you and your guests. So always ask about how an event venue handles their parking.

5) Will the event be outdoor, indoor, or both?

Lastly, consider whether you’ll be holding your event indoor, outdoor, or maybe even both. Some event venues offer both, like LaBelle Lake. Having your event outdoors is wonderful until the weather decides to not work in your favor. So, having the option to move the event inside if possible is a great option.

We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about choosing a venue, and that you feel a little more comfortable about choosing where to hold your event. Here at LaBelle Lake, we want to be your first choice for your next celebration. Whether that be a wedding, corporate event, or a family reunion, we have what it takes to make your next event spectacular.