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4 Popular Wedding Trends Seen at LaBelle Lake

Every year there are new and upcoming trends that are popular for the entire wedding season. 2023 has been a year of new bright flowers decorating the venue and seeing all of the amazing visions come to life. Decorations, simple touches of color, and use of LaBelle Lake's natural beauty is one of our favorite parts of summer!

Here are a few of our favorite little details that have been brought to LaBelle Lake this year!

1. Using Different Shades of Wedding Colors

We have loved seeing all of your different wedding colors! They are always so unique and fit your personalities perfectly. A few of our brides have chosen one color and used different shades or hues to help better bring their dream to life! They work so well together and are so classy on the tables and arches.

2. Bring Your Furry Friends to the Ceremony!

We love seeing your happy faces when your pets are able to join you on one of your most important days of your life! Have them walk down the aisle with you or your wedding party just like this bridesmaid did. It allows you to have your entire family there with you to celebrate! It will be a memory that you will never forget, and plus won't they be so cute?!

3. Use Vintage Furniture as a Picture Spot

There are plenty of spots all around LaBelle Lake to take photos, but adding in a little bit of personal touch makes it 10x better! Bringing your own furniture for a cute photo spot is one of the best things to add to your outdoor wedding. It makes it unique and gives you another memory from your special day!

4. Have a Fun and Unique Wedding Get Away

If you have a car that you love, use it for some pictures and your wedding exit! We can see the love, excitement, and happiness when you bring things from your family and friends on your special day. The photos always look amazing and it will be something to cherish!

We love seeing so many fun and exciting attributes brought to LaBelle Lake to make the day uniquely yours! Anything that means a lot to you will help make your day be even more special. We can't wait to see what else you will bring on your special day!

Photographer: @hilarybriscoephoto

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