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Four reasons why YOU need to get married in 2024!

Why put off the excitement of married life when you can dive headfirst into it in 2024? From the moment your partner proposed, you've been eagerly anticipating the day you say "I do." Don't let unnecessary waiting dampen the thrill of starting your forever together. Take the leap, say your vows, and embark on the adventure of marriage now!

Four reasons why YOU need to get married in 2024!

You Could Save a lot of Money:

In 2024, inflation rates are on the rise, meaning waiting another year could cost you more for your dream wedding. Your favorite wedding vendors might increase their prices to counteract inflation, leaving you with a larger bill to foot. Plus, with lower bookings reported among vendors in 2024, you'll have a wider selection to choose from, without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. If you want to lock in current prices and avoid inflation then book sooner rather than later.

Wedding Planning Takes Less Time Than You Might Think:

Almost everyone who has already been down the aisle says the same thing, "Don't worry about the details and just enjoy the day." But let's be real – that's easier said than done, especially when you find yourself knee-deep in the world of wedding planning. But the benefit of having a short engagement is you’re forced to make all of your decisions relatively quickly. Without the luxury of time to obsess over every minor detail, you're freed from the shackles of perfectionism. Instead, you can focus on what's most important – the celebration of your love and commitment to one another.

You also don't have to do the wedding planning all by yourself. That's right, you’re fiancé can’t take a back seat on this one – a short engagement calls for all hands on deck! You can also ask your friends and family for help. If they are already married they may have some valuable advice on how to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Less Competition For Wedding Dates:

With fewer couples opting to get married in 2024 compared to other years, there may be less competition for popular wedding venues and dates, allowing couples to secure their dream location with ease.

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Symbolism Of The Year 2024:

The number 24 carries deep significance, symbolizing harmony, stability, and family. And guess what? When you add up the digits of 2024 (2+0+2+4), you get the magical number 8! In Chinese culture, it’s the epitome of wealth, prosperity, and success. The pronunciation of “8” in Mandarin resembles the word for “prosper” or “wealth,” amplifying its symbolism. This means couples marrying in 2024 could be in for a lifetime of abundance and prosperity.

So, with all of these reasons to get married in 2024... WHY WAIT? Here's to more 2024 Weddings!

Photographer: @annanicholphotography

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