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5 Favorite Ceremony Locations at LaBelle Lake

Wedding ceremonies can be so stressful! Let us help you out by offering the most beautiful and unique locations to say "I do!"

Here at LaBelle Lake, we have 7 gorgeous acres of manicured property. Every corner has potential to hold a ceremony. However, we do have a few spots that we love and we're going to share them with you!

Riverfront Ceremony

Here we have the riverfront ceremony location. It is one of our most popular locations because you are right off the famous Snake River. Not only do you have a gorgeous view to say "I Do", but your guests could also have views of local Osprey, Moose, and Bald Eagles! Let nature be your backdrop here and enjoy the rushing sounds of the river.

Lakefront Ceremony

Out Lakefront ceremony location is another favorite that we cannot get enough of. With the handmade bridge in the background and clear blue water, you're sure to get that rustic aesthetic you're looking for.

This area is great for large and small weddings, offering guests plenty of space to see the ceremony take place. This spot is also great for a grand entrance from the wedding party!

Front Lawn Ceremony

The south-facing background is great for hot summer days. With the large, matured trees offering shade for you and your guests, you are sure to have the perfect temperature. No fans are needed when you have big, shady leaves!

This spot is great for smaller weddings, but can accommodate larger ones as well. The large trees, bride and creek make for and incredible background to this ceremony location.

Grand Lodge Ceremony

Having the LaBelle Lake Lodge in the background adds more to your pictures! This aesthetic brings more to that rustic feel you're looking for. This area is quite big and is sure to fit as many guests as you want.

With the beautiful lodge and clear blue pond in the background, this ceremony location is sure to create memories you will never forget.

Indoor Ceremony

Lastly, during the cold winter months, we offer indoor ceremony locations. These

happen between the months of November-April. Don’t let the snow stop you from

enjoying our beautiful and spacious lodge for your wedding!

This spot is great for intimate, cozy weddings that are protected from any harsh weather Idaho might bring. The large windows offer tons of natural lighting and will create a space worthy of your wedding ceremony.

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