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5 Must Have Vendors at Your Wedding

Your wedding is all about you! This is a day for you to remain stress free and have everything planned and taken care of for you. No bride on her wedding day should have to stress about whether the food is done cooking, assembling her own wedding cake, that the right music will be played when it is supposed to, if great photos will be taken, and if your flowers will be just what you dreamed they would be. Here is a list of 5 vendors that will make all the difference in how stress free or stressful your big day is!

1. Caterer

Photo by Michelle Flemming

Having a caterer is one of the best vendors you can have at your wedding. This will limit the time your family members spend in the kitchen preparing all the food and instead, allow them to be in the moment with you throughout your day.

Top tips when choosing your caterer!

  • Choose the kind of food YOU want! (Even if that means tacos and pizza!)

  • Be sure they are punctual

  • Ask if they offer different options such as buffet or plated dinners

  • Ask if they include staff to help serve, or if it is a self serve buffet

  • Ask if they provide the required plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery or if that is something you will need to provid

2. Baker

Photos by Michelle Flemming

Similar to catering, bakeries help bring the dessert vision to life at any wedding! The most traditional choice for dessert is the wedding cake, however many couples opt for other treats such as pies, donuts, and even ice cream! Bakeries are able to bring even the most intricate cake design to life!

Top tips when choosing a baker

  • Temperature is key! Buttercream and heat don't always mix so well. If you're hosting an outdoor wedding, opt for fondant or find a shady spot to put the cake

  • Ask if they will deliver your cake! Nothing is more stressful than transporting your wedding cake!

  • Ask if they including serving your cake! Most bakeries don't, but this will give you time to delegate who will be serving your cake and give them some practice time!

  • Skip saving the top! Almost everyone I have talked to regrets saving the top of their wedding cake for the 1 year anniversary. Most times the cake has lost its flavor and is just gross. Instead, get more servings with your cake by serving the top tier or keep the top tier and eat it on your honeymoon! If you do save the top tier do your research and talk to your baker on the best way to preserve your top tier. Don`t forget to plan who will be transporting this top tier and what container you will transport the cake home in.

3. DJ

Pictured: Chris Davis from Wildfire Entertainment

Photos by Janelle & Co.

Nothing makes or breaks a party quite as much as the DJ! This is one vendor that almost all in the industry will encourage you to not skimp out on. Having a great DJ will change your wedding from good to fabulous. Now I say a great DJ for a reason. You can hire a mediocre DJ which can turn out ok, but to really have a wedding that will be remembered forever, hiring a great DJ will do that for you.

Top tips when choosing a DJ

  • Meet with the DJ and see if their vibe matches yours! Not all DJs are great for every event! Some DJs ensure a wild party, while others help create a formal classy vibe.

  • Ask what their package includes. Will they be there for your ceremony or just the reception? Is it a set number of hours, or are they with you all day? These are some key things that can drastically change your wedding experience!

  • Ask if they only play music, or if they plan on being the MC for your wedding! Having a DJ that also works as the MC helps to keep your wedding day flowing smoothly!

4. Photographer and Videographer

Photos by Love & Story Studio

Your wedding photos are not just for you. These are the photos that your parents are going to hang on their wall and your children are going to look through to see what your wedding looked like! These photos are what you'll look back on to remember all the sweet moments of your big day! Your photographer`s job is to help capture every beautiful moment and freeze it in time! For example, you can see from the photos above the prank that was played on the Father of the Bride thinking he was about to have his first look at his baby girl on her wedding day. You can also feel the love from when he actually got a first look at his daughter on her wedding day as well as Mother of the Bride helping get her daughter ready for her wedding. These moments are precious and picking the right photographer and ensure these moments are captured.

Similar to your photographer, adding a videographer to your wedding day helps to capture all of those special moments on film to re-live your day over and over again! Many of our couples have made it a tradition to rewatch their wedding video on their anniversary. This is a great way to relive these tender moments.

Photo by Kait Carolson Photo + Film

Top tips when choosing your photographer & videographer

  • You get what you pay for!

  • Invest in the memories! You won't regret it!

  • Ask if they offer photo and film packages!

5. Florist

Photos by Talie Boyle

I know of many brides who decide to just do the florals on their own. However, most brides don’t know what they are doing or know much about flowers and their vase life. To get the most out of the flowers you buy and ensure that your florals will last throughout your wedding, you really should consider hiring a florist otherwise you could risk wilting flowers throughout your wedding. Plus, they might not look as great either.

Top tips when choosing a florist

  • Meet with your florist ahead of time to ensure she understands your vision for your special day

  • Pinterest is great, but you are uniquely you. Don`t be afraid to pick something that might not be all over Pinterest currently. If you follow this tip, your wedding most likely won`t look identical to your coworkers, best friend, cousins, and everyone else who has a Pinterest account that got married that year.

  • Trust your florist! They know what flowers do great in the heat and with little water. Nothing is worse than wilting flowers at the end of your night. When in doubt, ask your florist. They know a thing or two about flowers!

  • Flowers are more than your bouquet and bridesmaids bouquet. Don`t forget about boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, arch arrangements, flower petals, and other arrangements that help bring your wedding together throughout the whole day.

Your wedding is a special day. Don’t you want it to be a good day to remember, filled with no regrets? Hiring good vendors, especially the 5 mentioned above will ensure that your wedding will be an event that guests will remember and want to mimic their own wedding after because of how great it was.

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