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5 Tips to Keep Rain from Ruining Your Wedding Day

Updated: May 19, 2021

Your outdoor wedding is less than a week away! Everything is coming together perfectly, until you get a glimpse of the weather report... looks like there is rain in the forecast. Breathe! Do not panic! Though rain gets a bad reputation around weddings, it's actually considered good luck and can add some extra magic to your day! Below are some tips to keep rain from ruining your day!

1. Have a plan

Be sure to have a backup plan just in case the weather turns on you! Some venues offer inside accommodations as back up, however, that is not always the case! (Pro tip: Always ask your venue what their weather backup is on your tour!) Some other great backup options include adding walls to a tent, renting an additional (or bigger) tent, or even waiting to see if the rain will pass! Summer rain is often a short rain that will pass! Remember that with rain comes cooler temps. Be sure to have some options to keep your guests warm such as some blankets & propane heaters.

2. Talk to your vendors!

Your vendors are there to help you on your wedding day! This usually means they are there to answer any questions you have while planning as well! Ask your vendors for any advice they have! If your vendors have been working in the wedding industry, then odds are they've dealt with rain a time or two. Ask them what they would suggested as a back up plan. Venues specifically can offer some advice and peace of mind when it comes to working with the weather.

3. Be flexible

Flexibility is key to having a successful & stress free wedding day! Often times when the weather acts up, some flexibility is needed to ensure a smooth day. Expect to add some flexibility to your floor plan and schedule. Expect guests to be running a little bit later than usual. If it looks like the rain is going to pass through, then it could be worth it to push your wedding ceremony back until after it passes! You might need to shift some things around with your floor plan as well to ensure everything is covered and won't get wet. For example, you don't want your guestbook stuck out in the rain, but there might be a nice gazebo for you to move it to.

4. Think of the great lighting for photos

Though we all dream of a beautiful sunny wedding day, bright sunny days don't always look the best in photos! Believe it or not, clouds offer great benefits for photos such as softening contrast & shadows while allowing for richness in small details. You also won't have to worry about getting sweaty while standing out in the hot sun or your guests overheating! Another bonus is that you won't have to worry about anyone squinty in your photos!

5. Embrace it!

At the end of the day the weather is completely out of your control so you might as well embrace it! Some of the best dance parties I've seen have been in the rain! The rain adds an extra edge to your day and is sure to be memorable! Rain is even considered to be good luck because it signifies a fresh start to your marriage. Similarly, a wet knot is extremely difficult to untangle, so when you "tie the knot" on a rainy day then your marriage is supposedly just as difficult to unravel.

Photography by Michelle Fleming - @michelleflemingphoto

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