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Enchanting Boho Winter Wedding

McKinlee & Jo - February 12, 2021

It's common for snow to be a symbolic tool in literature, transforming a familiar landscape into a magical wonderland. Snow has the ability to cause the world around us to slow down, creating peace and silence. As the snow fell on this winter day at LaBelle Lake, McKinlee and Jo - along with their friends and family - gathered inside the warm, cozy cabin. Simple and eclectic bohemian touches created the perfect place for a ceremony that belonged in a storybook!

Bohemian style weddings have increased in popularity over the past several years. The boho theme offers the beauty of simplicity and a whimsical, romantic feeling. Weddings with this theme create scenes that seem to belong in an enchanted fairytale! LaBelle Lake has a rustic and natural setting - perfect for a boho themed wedding all year long.

Boho chic macrame and dreamy photos of the wedding couple adorn the great room of the lodge!

Standing under twinkling lights, resembling stars in the night sky, creates a magical environment for this couple to exchange their vows to one another. Surrounded by loved ones, emotions are often so palpable in these moments.

If you are thinking of creating a boho theme for your own special day, something to consider is your color palette choice. A typical boho style wedding incorporates earthy and natural tones complimented with bright pops of color such as terracotta, red or rust - seen here in the decorations, clothing and floral arrangements!

Picking a dress to fit your personality is so important to most brides! Bohemian dresses are often light and airy, romantic, and embellished with lace designs. Dresses like McKinlee’s will make a bohemian bride’s fairytale complete!

In the winter, LaBelle Lake is transformed into an enchanted winter wonderland! Set in this beautiful environment, McKinlee and Jo’s wedding day was beautifully simple and simply beautiful!

Photography: Madeline Janis, @madelinejanisphotovideo

Venue: LaBelle Lake, @labellelakeidaho

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