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What should I wear as a wedding guest?

Do’s and Don’ts for picking out your outfit for a wedding:

Figuring out what to wear as a guest to a wedding can be a hard task. Sometimes your invitation will include a dress code and sometimes it won’t. But as a wedding guest, you won’t want to wait until the last minute to find the perfect outfit to celebrate with your loved ones.

If you’re asking yourself, “What should I wear as a wedding guest?” You’re not the only one! So many people ask this question.

Family Posing on bride showing a great example of what to wear to a wedding

Photographer: @michelleflemingphoto


Follow the Dress Code:

The dress code can be so important to think about when your invitation comes for a wedding. Many people will set a dress code depending on the vibe of the wedding and the season. For example, what you wear to a wedding in the middle of winter at LaBelle will be completely different from the outfit you choose for a casual spring wedding outside.

Think About the Season:

It’s important to think about the time of the wedding ceremony and season it will take place, because this will also be very significant. For example, a summer wedding tends to lead to mid-length or shorter dresses, lighter jewelry, bright colors, and open-toed heels. While for a fall or winter wedding, darker colors, longer dresses, and heavier fabrics can be in style for the wedding’s theme.

groomsmen should a great example of what to wear to a wedding

Photographer: @sidneylynphoto

Use the Venue for a Guide:

The location can also help offer guidance on what to wear to the wedding. For example, a wedding at a barn venue is very different from an evening reception at a fancy reception hall. Thinking about the venue can also help you decide what shoes to wear. If you’re outside on a hot summer day, a chunky open-toed heel would make walking easier. If it’s winter in the snow, boots or any close toed heel could work just fine. Doing research on the venue by looking at their website, Instagram page and images can help you decide what shoes can fit the theme of the wedding.


Avoid Wearing White:

This is the number one rule in wedding guest etiquette. You want to make sure the bride stands out as much as possible as it is her day. Unless there are specific instructions on the invitation or by the bride and groom, avoid an all-white outfit. For men, some may wonder if wearing a white dress shirt falls in that category, or for women of you can wear a dress with white print. Wearing a white button up under a tuxedo or blazer is perfectly ok and wearing a dress with white being one of the colors is acceptable if it’s not the main color.

wedding guests taking a photo showing a great example of what to wear to a wedding

Photographer: @jennylynphotography

Avoid “Out of Context” Styles and Colors:

Avoid any type of clothes that may pass for too casual for a wedding. Some examples of this can be flip flops, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Don’t Go Too Bold:

Wearing colors that don’t go with the overall theme of the wedding can also hurt. For example, if the brides’ colors are blush pink and a light blue, wearing a bright, blood red dress can make you stand out in the pictures, probably not in the way you or the bride wants. Sequins, animal prints or other fun night out outfits can be a little much for a wedding. You don’t want to be the center of attention when it should be all about the couple.

photo of bride and grooms parents showing an appropriate outfit to wear to a wedding.

Photographer: @michelleflemingphoto Whatever you decide, your wedding day attire keep in mind these do’s and don’ts. Overall, you’re there to celebrate your loved ones on their special day and have that be your focus. While you want to fit in with the theme of the wedding, being uniform with the other guests at the wedding, following these tips will make sure the focus isn’t on your attire but on the bride and groom.

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