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How to Be a Bride at LaBelle Lake

You’ve been planning your wedding since you were nine years old. We get it. We know you have a vision in mind of what you want and we will respect that to the fullest. However, before you step into LaBelle Lake, there’s a few things you should know about being a bride. Yes, there are a few rules. But don’t worry, they are easy and sure to make your day *that* much better.

Rule 1: Be in Love With Your New Husband

Of course you’re already in love, but today is an especially lovey day. Today is a celebration of you, so why spend the day celebrating anybody else? Today is your day to be completely and totally in love and not care what anybody else thinks!

At LaBelle Lake, we are here to take care of all the background noise so you and your new husband can focus on each other and the best day of your lives. LaBelle Lake has your back when it comes to managing our wedding. We want you to be in love with your new husband. And you can do that because we care enough to provide someone to take care of everything else. So please, follow this rule strictly and love the heck out of your husband.

Rule 2: Take as Many Pictures as You Want

LaBelle Lake is known for its naturally beautiful landscaping. We love Idaho and have done our best to preserve its natural beauty on our private property. So it's only fair that you get as many photos that you could ever want of your perfect day.

We love our classic pictures in front of the lodge...

On one of our seven bridges...

Or in the trees...

But have you ever considered taking pictures down by the river? Probably not, because it's a little bit hidden.

This spot, along with many others, make for the most unique and breathless photos. And might I add, many of our local photographers know the ins and outs of LaBelle Lake and will be sure to get you the best photos. So take a minute to explore and create the photo album of your dreams. You deserve it!

Rule 3: Have Fun

At LaBelle Lake, you are not here to stand in a line for four hours giving hugs to people and saying thank you for coming. You are here to have fun, enjoy yourself and have the wedding of your dreams.

Please please please do not spend your wedding bored out of your mind and waiting for the reception to end. That’s not fun for anyone. We have provided many options, ideas and things to do while you’re here so that you can have fun and remember your night as the best night of your life. Once you’ve eaten some food, consider going for a canoe ride or have a competition at the tomahawks! Feed our animals, explore the grounds and then dance the night away.

Our venue representatives are here for you and are armed with the best wedding activities and ideas to make your wedding day fun and exciting! So if you don’t know what to do or just need some ideas, give us a call and we’ll talk.

To all our brides-to-be, we are here for you. When it comes to weddings, we have thought of everything and have back-up plans for our back-up plans. So please, follow these simple rules, let us worry about the background noise and you will be a successful bride.

As always at LaBelle Lake, If you can dream it, you can do it. So let us know your dreams and we will make them come true!

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