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The Value of LaBelle Lake

5 NEW features now included when booking a wedding at LaBelle Lake!

We have a vision here at LaBelle Lake. We believe that your wedding day is one to be enjoyed, not one to stress about. That is why we do as much as we can to make your day as stress free as possible! We understand that no two brides are the same and that means each wedding day is designed to fit the wedding couple as uniquely as they are. We are always striving to improve our facility and be the premier event venue in Eastern Idaho! We are excited to announce that we have added even more to our wedding and event experience!

  1. Set up & Take down

No one wants to worry about setting up tables or chairs on their wedding day! That's why we are now including set up & take down with all new wedding bookings! About two months prior your wedding day, you'll meet with one of our venue representatives. During this meeting you will sit down and go over all the details for your big day including your personalized floor plan. Once we finalize a floorpan with you, we'll draft up an electronic version and email it to you for the final thumbs up! Once we receive your final approval you can leave the rest to us! Our LaBelle Lake staff will ensure that your ceremony & reception is set as discussed and be in charge of the take down of tables and chairs at the end of the night!

2. Arch, Whiskey Barrels, & Rustic Bar

We know how tedious it can be to find the perfect arch, rent it, and transport it to your ceremony sight. That's why we now include your choice of a LaBelle Lake handcrafted arch! Simply tell us which arch you want and we'll place it for you in your desired location! Arch choices include: hexagon (3 sizes available), rustic, triangle *not pictured*, & new arches coming soon!

Not only are we now including an arch, but also our whiskey barrels (4 available) and our beautiful rustic bar! The bar is perfect for drinks in a can or bottle! Simply fill the bar with ice and put your drinks in! Your guests will love the convenience of the attached bottle openers.

3. Wedding Ceremony Coordination

Coordination of the wedding ceremony is so important for a flawless ceremony! However, ceremony coordination is more than just knowing what song you want to walk down the aisle to! That's why we are now including complimentary wedding ceremony coordination! This means your venue representative will be there to help get you and your bridal party down the aisle! During your details meeting you'll discuss if the ceremony coordination is a good fit for you! We believe that it is a great fit for all unless you already have hired a wedding planner or plan to have someone else coordinating your ceremony. If you do choose to utilize the ceremony coordination, then you'll go over the details with your venue representative such as wedding party line up, song choice, and the recessional.

4. Basic Decor Available

One of the many perks of hosting your wedding at LaBelle Lake is that the grounds are already so breathtaking that you can take a very simplistic approach to your wedding decor! Not only that, but we now have some basic decor options available for your use! Some options include wood rounds for centerpieces, black lanterns, easels, and signs! We have rustic signs available for gifts, cards, guestbook, & more!

5. In House Vendor Options

We are so excited to introduce our new in house vendors! Our in house vendors are simply people who we LOVE working with and know you'll love too! When you book an in house vendor, then their flat rate charge will be applied to your LaBelle Lake invoice making it easier to see all of your wedding finances in one place. Our in house vendor options include floral, wedding cakes, desserts, and DJ services!

Though we love our in house vendors, we do NOT require you to use them! We believe that you should have exactly who you want for your wedding day and not feel constricted by having to use someone specifically. Use the vendors that are a good fit for you and your wedding!

For more information on our in house vendors check out our website at

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