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Let's Talk About Weather...

Weather can be such a hard thing to work around. Trust us, we've seen all the things nature comes up with here in Idaho! Below you'll find a complete list of all the weather issues, how we can help you & how you can prepare for it yourself!

The Summer Heat

Our summer temperature averages hover around 85, but that doesn't mean it won't go up into the high 90's and even 100's sometimes. This can be a damper if you were hoping for a cooler day or to have your ceremony while the sun was still high in the sky. Here are all of our tips & tricks to beating the heat during the summer!

  • Use our tents for shade! We already provide two large tents & offer a third for an additional price. When creating your floor-plan, request that all tables be placed underneath a tent.

  • Try and plan your ceremony for a bit later in the day to avoid the highest temperatures

  • Don't be afraid to step inside for a moment to cool off

  • Bring plenty of cold drinks...and ice!

  • Rent some fans with misters

  • Provide hand-held fans for your guests

  • Provide umbrellas for your guests

  • Dip your toes in the lake!

The Winter Snow

Planning a winter wedding but still wanting to enjoy the outdoors? We understand! While a few flurries won't hurt, a blizzard can be a whole different story. This is why during the winter months, we only allow indoor weddings. Here's what we recommend!

  • Take advantage of the snow! It makes for beautiful pictures

  • Bring a fun blanket or bridal jacket to keep you warm while taking pictures

  • Plan for a smaller wedding-it adds to the cozy & intimate winter vibes

  • Consider wearing some boots under your dress

  • Have some hot cocoa or hot coffee waiting for you

  • Prepare your photographer! They'll want to know they'll be shooting in the cold

  • Don't be afraid to take breaks and warm up inside

The Fall Chill

Fall weddings are gorgeous, but they do pose a challenge: Keeping everyone warm while enjoy the outdoors. Here's what we suggest!

  • Ask us about our heaters & fire pits! They are perfect for fall weddings

  • Suggest everyone bring a jacket

  • Serve warm food with warm drinks like hot cocoa, apple cider & coffee

  • Consider providing blankets for your guests

  • Get a cute bridal jacket for yourself

  • Consider having your ceremony during the warmest part of the day

  • Get a good DJ who will get everyone dancing-this will warm everyone up

The Spring Rain

Springtime is such a beautiful time here at LaBelle Lake & for good reason! However, springtime does bring rain & that can be difficult. Here's what we suggest!

  • Ask us about our tent walls! We can put them up for you to protect your guests from wind and rain

  • We will have towels on hand to wipe off items that get wet-including chairs

  • Opt for using our heaters & fire pits to create extra warmth in the chill

  • Consider providing umbrellas for your guests during the ceremony

  • Get yourself a bridal jacket to keep yourself warm & stylish all night

  • Serve some warm drinks like coffee, tea, cocoa or cider

  • Embrace it! Rain is good luck on a wedding day & it's fun to dance in

  • Try having your ceremony during the warmest part of the day

When planning an outdoor wedding, it's important to think about the weather! We know it's hard & you want to expect perfect weather. That's just not the case when dealing with the outdoors. Make sure to create a backup plan, use what we have & ask us any questions!

As always at LaBelle Lake, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" So tell us your dreams & we'll make it happen!

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