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Open House

LaBelle Lake is a hidden gem located in Rigby, Idaho. The lodge was designed and built by Jim & Shannon Youngstrom who still own LaBelle Lake and to this day, directly oversee and work to ensure LaBelle Lake remains the gem it is for all to enjoy.

Throughout spring, summer, and fall, LaBelle Lake primarily hosts beautiful private weddings and family reunions, while in the winter LaBelle Lake partners with their sister company, LaBelle Lake Ice Palace.

Though LaBelle Lake primarily hosts private events, it is something to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone therefore, twice a year LaBelle Lake opens it's doors to the local community by hosting a semi-annual Open House! The Open House is a free event for anyone to come and experience the magic at LaBelle Lake!

This is a free event open to the public. There will be activities for all ages which makes this a great family activity. Come join us June 5th from 12 pm to 5 pm to come see all that LaBelle Lake offers!

Some events of the Open House include....

The Lodge

The 7,000 sq-ft lodge will be open for your enjoyment! Inside you'll discover beautiful log cabin structure with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a twin sleeping loft, the great room, ping pong, foosball, pool, secret passageways, and a cozy fireplace just to name a few!

Tomahawk Throwing

A favorite activity amongst the Youngstrom family, tomahawk throwing is the perfect activity to test your skills and throw a sharp tomahawk at a target! It might look hard, but our tomahawk throwing instructors know just how to help you! Having trouble hitting the target? Our instructors can analyze how you're throwing and give correction to make sure you hit the target! You'll be a pro in no time!

Riverfront Site

LaBelle Lake's newest must see creation is the riverfront site located on the far East side of the property! Hangout on the couches while enjoying the view of the gorgeous Snake River! Keep your eyes open for bald eagles and osprey diving for their favorite fishy meal, or even moose hanging out in the river!

Canoes & Paddle-Boats

One of the most prized possessions of LaBelle Lake is in fact the lake! The lake is filled with fish and we want to keep it that way so we don't allow fishing, but the lake is the perfect spot to take a swim or ride in one of the many boats! We have canoes and paddle-boats available for anyone! We also have some life jackets for the little ones!

Treehouse Gazebo

Nestled on the South side of the large lawn is our treehouse gazebo that was made by Jim back in 2017! The gazebo is the perfect spot to hangout, sip on your free peach lemonade, and get a birds eye view of the property!


LaBelle Lake is home to many different animals, wild and domestic! It's not unheard of to see deer, raccoons, beavers, and even moose around LaBelle! The Youngstroms even had a pet raccoon at one point named Meiko who occasionally likes to stop by!

If you've been around here before you've probably met the handsome golden retriever named Prince, but there are so many other animals that call LaBelle Lake their home including our goats, ducks, llama and fish! Our Open House is the perfect time to come and meet our animal friends and feed them some yummy food!


Grab some good food and checkout all the local talent within the community! You'll find a range of vendors including everything from health, beauty, food, art, treats, photography and more! There really is something for everyone! For a full list of the vendors attending this year checkout our event on Facebook!

More Information

For more information check out our website or our Facebook event page. Make sure you let us know if you will be joining us for the opportunity to win some awesome prices! We will see you June 5th!

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