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Traditions or Not, We've Got you Covered

We love a good, traditional wedding. But we also love the trendy ones! And the themed ones, and the casual ones! No matter how you want your wedding, we have got you covered. Labelle Lake offers a venue like no other, complete with a lodge that helps you keep your traditions...or not!

Hidden within these walls is the secret to the perfect wedding! But before we let that secret out, let’s talk about what the lodge has to offer. On your wedding day, you get complete access to the lodge! That includes a bridal suite and a groom's area. Yes, we have provided areas for you to get ready for your big moment! We know that it is so special and we have done everything we can to create that magical moment for you.

The Bridal Suite

The bridal suite is every bride’s dream. Not only is there space for your entire bridal party, but we have included aspects to make your day just a little more relaxing. And when we say a little more, we mean a lot more! This bridal sweet comes equipped with plenty of natural lighting, full-length mirrors, a jacuzzi tub, and double head showers! Who doesn’t want to take a nice relaxing bath on the day of their wedding? I sure would. So do it! Relax for a little bit and then begin your hair and makeup. There’s really no need to rush. I mean, you are the bride after all! Aside from that, this beautiful area makes the perfect space for pictures and traditions before the ceremony begins. Take a moment to read a letter from your future husband or father. Or gather your bridal party for some before and after pictures. Even better, make a Tik Tok of the entire process! And if you really want, take a nap on that king-sized bed. Whatever you choose to do, know that this bridal suite was made for you.

The Grooms Area

The groom's area is such a fun place! It is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy one another's company. This part of the lodge has the coziest couches next to a large fireplace, perfect for talking with your buddies or just relaxing before the big moment. If you’re too excited to sit still, use our ping pong table for some light competition! Aside from the fun activities within, we have provided areas for you and your groomsmen to get ready. This area of the lodge has its own bathroom, mirrors, and mini-bar so you can be fully ready to walk down that aisle. Need some fresh air? No worries. Two balconies will give you the space you need to take in the great outdoors. Whether you choose to relax or have fun, this area was made for you and your groomsmen.

Ready to be let in on that big secret?

Not only did we think about the pretty details of these incredible rooms for the bride and groom, but we made sure to keep them completely separate. This way, you have the option to stay traditional and not see each other before you walk down the aisle, or not. Either way, both dressings areas have separate exits that ensure you will not see each other before your ceremony. This small detail is capable of making your day just a little less stressful. No more coordinating who goes first, or figuring out some logistics to stay away from each other, and definitely no more blindfolds! Simply exit how you want and let that worry slip away.

As always at Labelle, If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! So tell us your dreams and we will make them happen!

Photos by Krysta Michele Photo @krystamichelephoto

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