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What happens when a horse and a dirt bike ride into a wedding?

At LaBelle Lake our motto is, "If you can dream it, you can do it," and that is exactly what Ashtyn and Rhett did on their wedding day.

Ashtyn & Rhett`s wedding day was full of love and laughter. The most touching moments we got to experience was the relationship between Ashtyn and her father, as well as Ashtyn and her brother.

Along with tears of happiness, tears of laughter were also shed as we witnessed the “daddy daughter first look,” with the father of the bride`s best friend, a unique groom entrance, and an auto mechanic style garter retrieval.

Not to be outshined by the horsepower of the groom`s entrance, the bride rode her horse to the ceremony, led by her father.

Along the Snake River, under two triangle arches resembling mountains, the couple shared stories of their relationship, one of which included the father of the bride`s truck that the couple may or may not have gotten stuck in their younger years.

Donuts and pizza were enjoyed by the guests, as the cake was used for a cake fight following the cake cutting.

Yes, you read that right. They had a cake fight!

This wedding was full of memories and happiness. We are so happy for Ashtyn & Rhett as they continue in this new chapter together.

Photographer: Lizzy

Decor and Ceremony Mountains: Wedding and Party Exchange

Hair: Kh Hair

Dress: Margenes

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